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My First Suit / Interview Help!

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Hi Everyone!

I have a really important interview coming up at a bank, so i bought myself my first suit! I picked up a navy blue Canali with white pinstripres (it was on sale for 700), a very banking looking suit, but now i have to figure out what to wear with it. I also bought a white Canali dress shirt and orange tie (since i have a bit of an orangey skin tone) which i was planning on wearing too. However, im not sure what type of shoes to wear with it. I have burgundy color loafers which are darker than my suit, so should i go with that? I also really like those pointy italian shoes, but maybe that would be a bit too flashy?

Thanks in advance!
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I would go with a more traditional lace up such as a cap or plain toe. The orange tie should wait until you get the job. You want the focus to be on you and your abilities during the interview and not so much on one or two pieces of your clothing.

Think tradtional conservative when picking your interview attire for a bank. Once you are on board and have established yourself, then you can start making more of a personal statement with your clothing. JMHO as a former banker.
Thanks for the advice!
I wanted to try something with a little sassy because every other applicant usually wears a charcoal or black suit with a black tie, so I figured by adding a touch of colour, I could stand out from the crowd. Picture that old Apple commercial lol.. oh well, i guess that burgundy tie idea will probably work best..
Thanks again!
Have you considered a tie with some yellow if you want to add some color? Quite a few bankers I work with wear yellow ties and they have commented on mine several times. Otherwise, red or burgundy would probably be your best bets.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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