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My first Blazer help me decide

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I'm looking to get myfirst blazer right now and have narrowed it down to four brands. Trussini in the wool serge, Canali (super 120's), Corneliani(super 100's), and Pal Zileri (super 120). these brands because i can get them all aroundthe same price of $400-500. I have decided on a 2 button but not sure what vents i want, Opinions? What about buttons? The trussini has plain silver buttons, the zileri has smoked MOP buttons, the corneliani and canali have basic gold buttons, which ones should i opt for, since they can be changed afterwards? What i want is a nice blazer i can have for many years. I can wear year round, that has a higher 2 button stance with a nice gorge and a slimmer fit (i'm 5'11" and weight 150pounds) My questions are

1) Which one would you get/recommend and why?
2) Which is the best quality? (unfortunatlye i would have to special order these)
3) which will last the longerest?
4) what would you change about what i'm looking for?
5) what kind of vents should i get?
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