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My First Bespoke Suit!

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Hey all,

I just commissioned my first bespoke suit. I'm using Paul Chang in Chicago. Today I picked out a beautiful Dormeuil. The fabric is 9-10oz--I forget which. I picked a slightly heavier fabric as a three season fabric. It is a navy color with subtle white chalky stripes.

I'll have three fittings. I'll try to post pictures from each one!

More Details: Its a single breasted, double button, with side vents. I have a special lining that is hard to describe but I'll try. Its Blue with reddish round flowers. It may sound wierd, but it looks pretty cool.
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wow! congratulations!! i've always debated between getting a higher end OTR or a lower end bespoke, but i've never quite made the jump.. congratulations again!!
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