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My First Bespoke Suit!

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Hey all,

I just commissioned my first bespoke suit. I'm using Paul Chang in Chicago. Today I picked out a beautiful Dormeuil. The fabric is 9-10oz--I forget which. I picked a slightly heavier fabric as a three season fabric. It is a navy color with subtle white chalky stripes.

I'll have three fittings. I'll try to post pictures from each one!

More Details: Its a single breasted, double button, with side vents. I have a special lining that is hard to describe but I'll try. Its Blue with reddish round flowers. It may sound wierd, but it looks pretty cool.
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Congrats on the decision to go bespoke! I'll certainly look forward to seeing the pictures of your experience.

What are the details of the suit? SB or DB? Single, double or no vent?
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