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A few weeks ago I found myself in need of replacing several dress shirts and suits due missing luggage from an unnamed airline. Having read AAAC for the past few months I decided to give MyTailor and the Hemrajani Brothers a try.

I was fortunate enough to schedule a time when Ram Keswani's next visit to Houston. The upscale hotel where Ram Keswani was staying was only 15 minutes from my own home, making it very easy on me.

On arrival I was greeted warmly by Ram and was asked what I was looking for. I told him this visit was primarily for dress shirts (as I am very difficult to fit for any OTR shirt).

Ram asked if I was interested in any suits and I told him I wanted to try the shirts first and if I was happy I would likely order suits on a future visit. He didn't push the issue and was happy to show me his samples and swatches. After selecting several fabrics Ram measured me. Taking his time and was not offended when I asked him to double check one measurement. I have been measured for shirts by several tailors and I must say Ram's seem to take more care in taking measurements. He asked what I wanted in style and fit and was happy to make suggestions when I was unsure of anything.

I have been fitted over the years by several tailors for suits and shirts. My experience with Ram Keswani was one of the best. He seems to be quite concerned with my satisfaction.

I eagerly await my shirt order, and if the Hemrajani Brothers' product matches their customer service then they have found a loyal client.
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