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Very recently a personal style icon, Mr. Paul Winston, celebrated a birthday.

Mr. Winston and his family have a rich history of experience in the fashion industry. This is a wonderful article but it could have been much more extensive.

Here is another:

Mr. Winston has always been helpful to me personally. He takes time to listen to an idea I may have about something I am having made or outfit pairing. He suggestively steers me towards a variation and makes the experience feel as though it was my idea all along,....

A real nice guy and we are lucky to have him.

My very best to you Mr. Winston.

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He doesn't have any more of that Kama Sutra lining. I bought the last of it and had it made into the lining of a Donegal tweed blue blazer.

Happy Birthday, Paul. I'm really glad I'm older than you are. That indicates that you'll still be around when I want stuff, like your wonderful grenadine ties.
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