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After reading about the salesman in the Notched Lapel Tuxedo thread, I got to thinking about some of the uneducated things which some salespeople have told me in stores I was once in Nordies looking at their suits when I asked the salesman if they carried any DB which he replied "you may want to try Mens Warehouse, all of the high end manufacutrers stopped making DB suits a long time ago"...[:eek:)]'doh!!!When I was young(er) and first started getting into wearing suitsm, a salesman at Macy*s told me that "if a man is to only own one suit it MUST be a black suit"[xx(]...And it's not just clothing either, I was once in a cigar store and asked the gentleman (who looked like he wasnt old enough to smoke) to point me towards the Fuentes, he was more than happy to do it, he then added that they just got a box of "opus tens" in (all the cigar smokers on the board will get that)...but seriously...there are some very stupid salespeople out there...anybody else have any similar experiances?

"When you wear lapels like the swellest of swells, you can pass any mirror and...
...You've either got or you haven't got style!!!"​
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