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The morning dress (not suit) looks fine and grey toppers are just OK for a wedding although the more formal black is preferred.

there will be conjecture but grey is surely only suitable for the races although as a picture below suggest HRH The Prince of Wales tends to favour that ensemble for weddings.

Hello, all. This site has been helpful with a lot of formal wear questions in the past, and normally searching the forums brings me a wonderful answer. I have a few questions. I'm looking at (an eventual) formal daytime wedding. I've already purchased a black cutaway and the striped trousers. A few questions:

  • A top hat is proper. Should it be black, too (silk?), or should it be grey like these fellows?
  • What are the proper waistcoat colors? Is dove grey acceptable, or should it be white?
  • Finally, are braces/suspenders used with the trousers, and what color should they ideally be (even if you never see them)?
Many thanks.
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