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Mohair fabric

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I am wondering about contacting a tailor to make a mohair fabric suit. I am a little bit familiar with mohair/wool fabric. But do anybody have experience with mohair fabric where mohair is more then 60% of the fabric? Lora Piana has 56% mohair fabric. Burberry is selling some suits and tuxedos 60% mohair.

Tom Ford traded a 100% mohair fabric suit trousers until last year. The weight was 400. Does anybody know who is selling mohair fabric on this level?

I will be very happy for all responses. And is there something I need to know about this kind of fabric?
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A clothier related to me that he had an 100% mohair suit, and a crack developed in the trouser leg which he had to close in a hurry with safety pins.

He told me that 100% mohair is brittle. Hence, mohair is typically offered as a blend with wool.
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