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Minneapolis/St. Paul

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Good afternoon everyone. I live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and I am looking to find some nice suits at a good price (I guess thats probably everyone). After reading some other posts, it seems like finding a good secondhand store may yield some positive results. Can anyone who is familiar with Minneapolis make any suggestions? My budget is $300-$500 per suit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi there- you can just get into MTO suits at Heimie's in St. Paul in that price range. They occasionally have some off the rack marked that low as well. Top Shelf in Minneapolis does MTO I believe as well- prices start pretty low.

here's some of their OTR pricing:

S.Cohen Suits from
$515 Enzo suits from
$425 Graham & Gunn from
$515 Alpetora Suits from
$995 Burberry Suits from $1000
S.Cohen Jackets from $295
Graham and Gunn Jackets from $325
Burberry Jackets from $550
Hardwick Jackets from $225
Graham and Gunn Trousers from $95

At the least- do stop in and meet with them. Best men's store in the region outside of Chicago.

Neither would be of the quality of a great suit marked way down at Off 5th perhaps but they are good quality and would actually fit ;) My first two starter suits were Cohen MTO' both around $400 each a few years ago.
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Heimies is just a fun place.
Ain't it though?

Make sure you come to one of their cabaret nights. ;)
What's the best thing about shopping in Minneapolis? No sales tax on clothing!
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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