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That grouping has made my day, and the day has just begun. If I had seen those pictures when I was in my thirties, I would have thought I couldn't wait to get old. One of the items that captures me about them, which all look like paintings, are the outfits, the bold plaids and the harmonizing of them. For the past 3 years I too have been buying bold plaid tweedss, I have now about 6, they are tough to find, and I wasn't sure how to wear them. But I kind of do now. Some are in a pile next to me so I'll take a quick photograph to show the cloth.
Sleeve Grey Beige Tints and shades Creative arts

I have pretty much decided that I won't wear any of these until and unless they have a fancy back. So below is the middle jacket in the pile above over which I'm holding a basted back belt to apply.
Sleeve Gesture Finger Wood Collar
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