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Another poster asked about 'The Suit' ....

'The Suit' is an excellent book for learning about the various cuts; ie, American, English, Italian, the drape. However, it should not be the first book you get. Without reading others, such as the ones by Flusser, you will be somewhat lost reading 'The Suit'. Buy it for future reference after reading a few others.

'The Suit' is important from the various posts I see where the poster wants to know which suit is best or which suit should I buy. Often suits of entirely different cuts are presented, and they are so different they can't be compared. For example, comparing a high-end Hickey Freeman with a Paul Stuart suit is an exercise in futility since the cuts are so different. Asking for this comparison demonstrrates the poster's inexperience.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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