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Where should we meet?

  • Toronto

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  • Ottawa

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  • Syracuse

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Meeting in Toronto? Ottawa? Syracuse?

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I didn't know this thread existed, and I assume since this appears to be the second post, most other folks don't either. Is anybody interested in having a Canadian or very northern US meeting of AAAC?

I live in Kingston, Ontario, which is around 2 hours from any of Toronto, Ottawa or Syracuse; Kingston of course would also be a great option for me!

I have absolutely no idea what a meeting would look like, what we would do, if it would have a purpose or anything else. I think that to avoid having it be awkward we would want to have at least half a dozen people in attendance, but maybe others don't think this is necessary.

If you are interested, please answer the pole, and reply to the thread. If you have another suggestion for ameeting place, please keep in mind where I live! Thanks all.
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