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I don't believe it's necessary to purchase a pair of AE's or Aldens considering the amount of possible contaminants, secretions, etc., that may end up on your shoes. I would highly recommend rubber soled comfortable shoes that you can stand on for long hours.
Hear hear! This man speaks the truth - I know that from experience.

Trust me, being on your feet 7-10 hours straight in a pair of AE's or Aldens is enough to make one contemplate a switch to athletic shoes. Permanently. Leather soles will mop up liquids, and will get slippery FAST. Also consider what secretions/excretions/misc. bodily fluids will get into or in-between the stitching on your shoes.

For your feet, get something reasonably classy looking, but well-padded and with adequate support. Dark brown or black.

And remember - it's not all about how you look; that will only take you so far. It's also about the knowledge you possess and the care you provide. The clothes you wear are merely a vehicle to aid you to be taken seriously enough to provide quality care.
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