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Obama has more years of experience than Reagan had before he came into office. We've had a number of Presidents who have had less experience in elected office than Obama.
This is the kind of sound bite that doesn't help the discussion. It is a discussion, isn't it? Or is it just a recitation of talking points?

C'mon, buddy, Reagan was president of the screen actors guild for something like a decade and then was governor of the largest state in the country for two terms.

The fact that we've had other presidents who've had less experience in elected office than Obama isn't persuasive a little bit. Tell me: were they good presidents or bad ones? It could be argued that W had no more experience than Barack; surely you're not using that as an argument?

I'm an undecided. If I vote for Barack, it will be in spite of his lack of experience. Let's all man up and admit that and move on.

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