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Matching suspenders with dark brown shoes?

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when matching suspenders with leather tabs with shoes, how would you match dark brown shoes? With suspenders with dark brown leather tabs, of course. However, I'm having an hard time finding them, at least here in Italy. Most suspenders come with either medium brown or black tabs; some with white tabs, but there is limited choice.

I remember reading that suspenders with white leather tabs can be worn with shoes of any color. Do you agree?

Otherwise, I was thinking about suspenders with silk tabs, like these:

Thank you.
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I would go with the med brown over the white tabs.
White tabs go well with everything. But save the silk ends for formal wear. White or medium brown tabs are both fine for dark brown shoes.
White for white tie, black or white for black tie, and (almost) any for other.

The white catgut ends are a nice touch (unless you are a cat fancier, of course) and you may indulge yourself with the pattern, as braces, being underwear, properly, will not be seen...
The medium brown will be fine for dark brown shoes. Hardly anyone is going to see your braces anyway.
The white catgut ones are always good, and are fortunately not made of cats at all.

I wouldn't match brace ends, I'd stick with matching (or knowingly not matching) the color of the braces to the rest.
Suspenders aren't supposed to be seen. So get the pink tabs.
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