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Poeple feeling dispair this morning should take heart in the success story of Maggie. She was the lone, female elephant kept in a concrete unit in the Anchorage zoo.
Maggie was flown to an elephant sanctuary 50 miles outside of Sacramento. It cost $400,000 donated by animal rights advocate and retired THE PRICE IS RIGHT host Bob Barker ( he does wear leather shoes, relunctantly as there are no alternatives) with a C 5 Airforce transport.
Maggie has bonded with the other 3 elephants and is having a great time in Sunny California.

Perhaps when Sarah Palin gets over her hissy fit we can do a similar Alaska-California rescue. Drop Sarah in the Galleria Mall in L.A., let her bond with valley girls, $150,000 'walking around money.'
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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