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My apologies for the dealy in posting part 2 but work has prevented little luxuries like posting to fashion forums. Nevertheless, the MTM suit is completed so here's the outcome:

There were two major and two minor fittings before everything was ready. On the plus side, they fixed all of the shoulder and trouser seat issues on the first attempt. However, there was a nagging problem with the jacket lining that prevented the back from falling evenly, and the left vent had a noticeable pucker.

The back was taken care of by the third fitting but the side vent issue simply wouldn't go away. At the third fitting, I had to spend nearly two hours in the shop while they kept making adjustments that seemed to merely trade one problem for another. Ultimately, the issue was marginalized but not corrected to complete satisfaction. The pic below illustrates the flaw:

Another other problem I discovered after bringing the suit home includes an issue where the sleeves meet the shoulders in the rear of the suit. I noticed in one of the photographs that the sleeves don't hand smoothly. After seeing it in the picture (below-my apologies for the work day creases, I didn't think to take photos until after I returned from work) I set up a 3-way mirror in the hotel room and sure enough, it was a real issue. I didn't notice it in the tailor's shop because there was no 3-way mirror available. The lesson learned is making sure to bring a knowledgeable (and frank) friend along if the mirror isn't available.]/img]

The final issue was with the cuffs. When ordering the suit I made it painfully clear that I wanted functional cuff buttons. On the subsequent fittings I was so engrossed with the other issues that I never bothered to check that the cuffs were indeed functional. Consequently, it is no one's fault but my own that I didn't notice that the cuffs were not only non-functional but the buttons aren't even sewn on with a slight overlap. the pic below illustrates the final product:

On the plus side, I am very pleased with everything else about the jacket, especially the ticket pocket (pic below) and lapels.

The trousers ended up being the best part of the suit. They fit comfortably and look good - and I am entirely happy with how they turned out.

In short, I loved everything about the shirts except for one critical flaw: the collars. In the initial fittings, the shirt collars were just fine. However, upon picking everything up and trying it on one last time, I noticed the collars had one of those single piece stiff inserts in place. When I complained about this they said they wouldn't make any changes (I think they were still miffed over the several changes needed for the jacket lining issue). I likely could have made a big fuss about it and refused to pay but given the fact that we weren't talking about a great deal of money I figured the wisest course of action was to let it go.

After having both shirts dry cleaned, it was immediately noticeable that the inserts were of very low quality as they had a number of permanent creases that are visible even if standing on the other side of the room. The pic below illustrates what I'm describing, on the blue shirt, that same rumpled crease is visible throughout the entire collar. I asked the hotel to see if it was something that could be ironed out (no iron in the room) but after a few attempts, they were unable to get the creases out.

1. Would I go back and get another suit made: not likely.
Too much back-and-forth over mistakes that should not have existed in the first place (and weren't entirely corrected) along with "forgetting" some instructions would make me think twice for going back.

2. Would I go back and have another shirt made: maybe, but with a [B]strong[/B] caveat.
I would only purchase another shirt if they were able to guarantee that the low grade collar inserts would not be used.

All in all, it was a fun experience and the low cost makes it possible to live with the uncorrected errors. Add to that the immeasurable experience gleaned from interacting with a different culture and I have no regrets.

POSTSCRIPT: I did encounter another tailor shop tucked away in an obscure corner of one of Doha's mega-malls (City Centre). He had a much wider selection of fabrics available and if the work on display is any indication of what he can actually deliver then I would say he would be a better candidate if you're feeling adventuresome and have the time for a MTM experience. His prices were about twice the other tailor (I'm certain his overhead was considerably higher in rent alone) but that was a quote without any haggling (BTW, always haggle here, it is expected). If I return, I may stop by and have something made.
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