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Ok, stopped by to see Izzy for the first time yesterday, and ended up ordering a 3 -piece suit. I introduced myself, we sat down, talked about what I was looking for, and off we went.

I talked about what I wanted, that I tend to be somewhat maniacal about the details that are important to me, and Izzy listened thoughtfully, and set my mind at ease.

Picked out my fabric, which was a mid price range very subtle dark charcoal glenplaid, and we took measurements.

Worked out and specified all the little details (he will be copying exactly my favorite vest) and we tallied up the bill.

$820 for the suit (that included functional buttonholes, d rings for the waistband of the trousers and a few other details that cost a bit more.

Vest will be additional, about $240 he estimated.

All in all a great experience. He even called H. Freeman while I was there to talk about getting NO padding in the shoulders. Once he realized I was insane about that detail, he talked to the powers that be and he is confident they will get it right.

I will report back in 5 weeks when the suit is completed.

Highly recommend Izzy, great guy, really knows his stuff.
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