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I have a Dolce&Gabbana shirt (not D&G) that I got for about $80 at Marshalls. It is labeled as a 15 3/4 and barely fits me - THAT is a slim shirt. The collar is pretty big on it, but it has neither internal nor pockets for external bones, so I have to iron the hell out of it. Never seen any Dolce shirts in French cuffs though (at least none on sale).
I have two Dolce&Gabbana shirts. One has single cuffs, the other has double buttons.

The single cuff shirt had to be ordered - the one they had in my size at the Saks in Atlanta only had one buttonhole on one of the cuffs, and I stood there for quite some time trying to figure out how it was meant to be worn.

I wear a 17 in most dress shirts, but in Dolce&Gabbana a 17 1/2 fits; a 17 is tight across the chest but not at the waist.
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