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Hello Gentlemen,

I am a recent law grad who is just starting my legal career, and I am looking for some advice on making the best out of my current wardrobe, as well as suggestions for moving forward. I understand that fit is paramount to dressing well, and while I cannot afford a new better fitting wardrobe overnight, I can make sure what I already have fits well.

At this time, my wardrobe is fairly limited. I have a few chinos, a few OCBDs and pointed collar shirts, a navy blue suit, a kaki jacket, a black jacket, and two sports jackets---one plaid and one herring bone. The suit fits well as does the plaid jacket, but everything else could use work. I also recently inherited two wool overcoats from my father, who is about a suit size larger than I am (I am a 39 to 40, and he is a 42). With fall and winter just a few months away, I am looking for some advice on how to find a good tailor, and what to alter first.

First things first, I need help on finding a good tailor in my area. I have tried to use the resources that I have, but I have come up short. Most of my former classmates or co-workers just take their clothes to the dry cleaners to get something hemmed. And if I knew a local man who dressed impeccably I would ask, but unfortunately I don’t have any such relationships (yet). This leaves me with the yellow pages,, and a few haberdasheries that do bespoke work or alter suits bought in its shop. Just picking one seems like quite a gamble with both my money and my limited wardrobe. That said, I have an appointment with a local tailor--Oleg Yusufov Custom Tailor—tomorrow. Is there anything I should look for?

If any member knows of a good place to get alterations in the Milwaukee, WI area, I would sincerely appreciate his suggestion. That said, I would prefer not to have to travel as far as Chicago, but if needs be, I can make a day of it.

A secondary question is which pieces should I get altered first that would function both as a means for auditioning the tailor and as a good start to a better fitting wardrobe. My thought was to start with my chinos or blazers, and leave the overcoat until I have a tailor that I am confident with. This would also allow me to update my wardrobe with the season, as I won’t need the coat until November (or so I hope). If any of you have thoughts on my plan, I would be grateful for your advice.

And for any member that has read this far, thank you for your time. Any suggestions are welcome, and please let me know if this is better posted elsewhere.


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