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In a week the Amricans on this forum will vote.
I was researching another issue online and was reminded of another election when the candidate's 'loyalty' and 'american' credentials were questioned.
It was J.F.K. Norman Vincent Peale, the author of The Power of Positive thinking and a leading protestant was convinced America would become a vassal state under the Vatican.
I don't think to many people care much if a candidate is catholic anymore.

I got to meet Dukakis some years ago. A little known fact is He considers Bob Dole one of the smartest and FUNNIEST men in Washington.

For decades we elected men who all served in WW2. It was a known bond and shared experience, possibly as expected as a tie and shined shoes.

And then we had Clinton.I never liked Slick Willy. There is a deep divide in my generation with a bridge Clinton, Hayden and others burned. It's easy to look back and see THAT war as unpopular, misguided and mishandled.
It was not, is not easy to support men who didn't support 'us' the guys who didn't win deferments National Guard appointments or safe duty.

I've been looking for candidates of my generation, 'my war' to take our place in the generations. But there are other considerations, other commonalities and I just don't see any.

The ONE thing that doesn't worry, or alienate me with Obama is 'race' just as Kennedy's religion didn't concern my parents.

Whatever next week brings, the winner needs to find increased commonalities to overcome the silly red/blue generational/race and mudslinging with american soil B.S.

The winnere needs to meet with Bob Dole, make him a kitchen cabinet member in charge of humour maybe.
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