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Hello all,

In light of a recent topic suggesting a meet of members in New York I thought that I would suggest a similar meet in London. I am in NZ at the moment but am moving to London in four weeks. I know very few people there and would love the opportunity to meet others who love style and probably share other interests as well.

Would anyone be interested? To propose a date how about September 17th or 24th? We could do it on the 11th like the NY bunch but I will have just arrived back from Venice and start school the next day. If it is on a Saturday we can drink more freely and have more fun I am sure :)

Would someone in London like to suggest the venue and can we get a show of hands for those interested?

I have always loved Darren Beamen's clothing so I would like it if he were there so I can meet him - I can't afford his stuff now but one day he will be my tailor (when I become a rich opera singer) so I expect him to say yes!
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