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London! First of the 2013 AskAndy Europe Tour

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I'm going to be in London September 26, 2013. Let's get together for a drink.

Where would you like to meet?
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Some good suggestions. Early evening for drinks and maybe 20 to 50 ??

Anyone familiar with this club -- English Speaking Union off Berkeley Square

There have been several mentions of Duke's.
We have a venue!

We have been offered a special invitation to meet at the resplendent quarters of

Thresher & Glenny Ltd.
1 Middle Temple Lane

Ask Andy London Event September 26, 2013
6 to 9 PM

They have graciously made available their famous store to host our event including the gin and tonics! That's enough for me to show up even if I wasn't planning to be in London!

We need to limit the gathering to less than 30, which also insures that I get my share of G & T's!! :icon_smile:

So please RSVP by posting on this thread!
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Let the count begin:

Andy and wife
William Westmancott
Grey Fox
Bjorn (!!)
scottie (Marie Scott of Savile Row Style)
Anthony Charton
Melissa and guest from Mel Gambert London (25)
Adrian Gilbert of Sartorial Footwear
Steve Allen, Production Director for Sartorial Footwear

That's the updated list - anyone else?
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I had great (!) Martinis at Browns hotel, the Donovan bar. May be a tad small for us though.

I'm gonna try to make it as well, so count me in.
I'm going to try to get by Duke's while I'm in town. Maybe the night before, but that's the day we arrive!
I'm putting the list in post #14.
I am in if there are still spaces.
Udeshi, you're in! It'll be a pleasure to meet you.
scottie and Trimmer:

You're both on the list - see post #14.

Looking forward to meeting everyone.

You're in! I'm keeping the RSVPs on Post #14
Will Peter from Bookster still be there? Some of the members might be very interested in meeting him face to face.

I would guess not! But I'll ask him.

You forgot "and now back to our regularly scheduled program, already in progress!"

You're in and you will love London! See post #14 for all the RSVPs and we may have a very special guest if his schedule works out!
Alas, I am working that day and have other engagements near the date so I'm afraid I'll have to sit out of this one.
We'll miss you.
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