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Loafer question for trads

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Hey folks, A little feedback needed please. I like to wear my loafers with no socks for casual wear. Well, my Alden shell leisure handsewns are very hot since they are lined. Recently, I decided to get a pair of Cole Haan penny loafers...They are kind of dark tan "oil leather." I think they are called "Douglas." (white stitching, etc. if you know the shoe) They just don't seem as "trad" as my Aldens if you know what I mean. (in fact, I don't think Cole Haans are trad at all if you think about it!) Also, Bass Weejuns are just not the same anymore. The color is so ultra shiny and is just not like the same shoes 7 or 8 years ago. (kind of dull and more brownish than blackish/red) Anyway, what do most of you trads wear with khakis or Levis with bare feet for casual wear?
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