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Hello, everybody,

I love travelling light and wonder what laceless shoes I could have that will take very small space in my luggage. I usually wear either a suit or a sport jacket/trousers in the office with a pocket square. Mainly, I travel on a scooter, but sometimes traveling to the client site requires a plane. In any case, if I travel for a few days, I use 55cm long holdall.

I like driver shoes and I could wear them even with a suit, but have read they can be a pain to refurbish. Ordinary loafers - hate the rim on the vamp/toe cap. Penny loafer - usually find them bulky as the vamp cannot be collapsed. Could you suggest other shoes that could fit my criteria? Ideally with pictures

And do you think they are worth ordering bespoke? I suspect what I want does not require to be strongly built to make them collapsable, so they should be cheaper. However, they often don’t meet my style expectations


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I'm a bit confused.

Are you looking for one shoe you can wear commuting/traveling as well as when meeting with clients?
He can't be, else why would he be worrying about what space they take up in luggage? To fit something work appropriate as easy as possible, some Italian made blake stitch shoes I guess? No dress shoes seems lighter or sleeker than that to me.

Or do what a colleague of mine does. Buy cheap crap shoes (Cole haans on sale for $50 or whatever), only use them for travel, and if they get messed up, whatever, he didn't mess up anything worth anything.

Random thought:

He said he wears a sport coat, trousers, a dress shirt, and a pocket square to work. Hey, that's my daily work outfit usually. Why not a single pair or chukkas, and that's it?

For short term trips, I've take a pair of chukkas that I wear onto the plane, and that's it. Chukkas are quick to get on and off for TSA, look fine with my work attire, look fine for after work if you dress more casually, and if you get the right ones, are fairly sturdy. I use my AE Bellevues for this. They're tough, durable, look fine with a sport coat, and are even cheap on shoebank or when they show up in clearance. They're far from the sleekest or nicest chukkas out there, but I wouldn't want to mess up my real pretty ones on a plane, and these Bellevues are way more durable than those.

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Hello, everybody,
  • laceless shoes
  • very small space in my luggage.
  • wear either a suit or a sport jacket/trousers
  • to the client site
  • I like driver shoes and I could wear them even with a suit
o_O, No lead cannot be made into gold. Your requirements are a tad bit difficult but not impossible.

A few general comments before my suggestion:
1. I would NEVER EVER wear driver shoes with a suit
2. A shoe is a shoe. It is going to take up similar space as long as its not a boot.
3. I would avoid loafers with a suit.

Ultimately if you are looking for a laceless shoe that you can wear with a suit in front of clients, I think you've pretty much narrowed it down to a single-monk.

While I prefer double monks, a single may suit you better.

Maybe this

or this
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