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I've always purchased size large outerwear but as I age and lose some of the massive upper body muscle, I was endowed with (Ha!....I'm just shrinking), they just don't look right anymore....perhaps they never did.

I put it on today after seeing @uppercrust's casual what are you wearing today and decided..nope!

Not counting the few minutes I had it on today it may have been worn 2x...probably less than 5 hours in aggregate...

It is a Made in USA Bean Aviator jacket. 100% wool cuffs and hem. Two piece back. Uninsulated.

Really hard to tell from new.

I'm a nonsmoker, have a huge vented closet and am somewhat henpecked by a neat freak wife who would never allow a coat to hang from a hook.

I'll postpictures tomorrow as I can't from the tablet I'm on at home.
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