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You know, I read it in highschool but I always thought that Arthur Miller play was a piece of crap. He stuck some theories on stick figures. Not real life, not good theater. And some of the recent posts have just reminded me of how correct my opinion was.
The truth of the matter is that a salesman is the heart of our modern society. One man trying to facilitate a desirable agreement. At the heart of all of our business relationships is 'the sale'. If you can't accomplish that, there is no Wall Street, no clothing industry. no nothing.
I went to a lot of scools for a long timew and joined one of the 'learned' profesions (the law). I learned my trade as an associate and eventually decided to work for myself. Only after a year or two out I finally figured out that I was selling a service jusr as much as any of my clients who were operating at the heart of the capitalist system. A dope at 30 but I was still capable of learning a pretty basic lesson. Which I did with a fair amount of success. These days I don't do that kind of work anymore and consider my self semi-retired. But it leads me to a thought: I've always assumed that Andy our host operated his own clothing store. Call me a dope but I have no idea if that is, where that is.
Andy: If you are still out there contributing to the capitalist system please give yourself a plug! Can we buy anything from you? The salesman is the heart of our financial success. And a great one is a person to be treasured. Can we do anything to repay you for creating the forum?
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