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Level 2 Evacuation Notice

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This is good practice to quickly pack things. Marriage and Birth certificates fit in laptop bag nicely. Too bad I do not have mini bottles of Merlot to stash everywhere. Major bags were already packed and ready to go.
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What exactly is this thread about? What is a level 2 evacuation? What is a script? Is this about old people? I am the oldest here and not getting it. Are you all all med'ed up? Is this political? I am a man of many grins who is finding ths sour and not funny at all. I have cable news for that. We are in a rough time with the Covid and the economy and the politics and my whispering depression. Don't pile on.
Wildfire, Peak. The West Coast is burning and some of us are in zones where evacuation may be called for. Level 2 means "Have your valuables packed." Level 3 is "Get outta Dodge, now!"
Yeah, sure, I see now. Thanks. What a god awful s**t time we're living in. Stay safe. Keep the tires inflated.
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Something I don't get (amongst many), I am sitting now in the most forested state in the USA. Maine. New England is six states. The other five can fit into Maine. One county here, Aroostook, is the size of Connecticut. 89% of maine is forrest. Mostly tinder-box pine. We are known as the Pine Tree State. The state flower is the pine cone and tassel. And we NEVER have forest fires, or wild fires whatever those are. NEVER. So what's with that? Or rather, what's with you in the Pacific North West?
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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