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Level 2 Evacuation Notice

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This is good practice to quickly pack things. Marriage and Birth certificates fit in laptop bag nicely. Too bad I do not have mini bottles of Merlot to stash everywhere. Major bags were already packed and ready to go.
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Funny I don't feel 68 (well, occasionally, such as after engaging in playing softball, or a rousing game of cards).
Funny, on the days I'm feeling 68, I consider those good days! LOL. ;)
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when I switched to Medicare, my scripts went to 90-day. Just finished 20+ hours of No Cable TV or Internet. fun, stir-crazy. Tons of smoke in the area from North and South.
Level 2 has moved up to Canby, about 11 miles from here. I've got the important documents in the gun safe, ready to pop into a bag and toss in the car. I'm packing a runaway bag. The desktop will go in just before the poodle and I. Finger, toes and eyelids crossed.
You both will be in our thoughts and prayers! Stay safe and if you must ere, do so on the side of caution.
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