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Let us discuss watch band colors

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Gentlemen, what are your thoughts on watch band colors? Does a leather band need to match the same general color of your belt/shoes? Does a metal band need to match the same general color of your belt buckle/any rings you wear?

I have always cringed a bit at a black leather band with brown shoes, or vice versa.

However, when it comes to other leather colors, or NATO colors, I've always felt like if it doesn't match your shoes, it's fine as long as it complements a color you're wearing. Navy blazer or navy tie and a navy leather band? Cool.

I have always held grey (any kind of band) apart from all others because grey is so neutral, and have felt that a grey band goes with literally everything.

What say you? Am I nuts?
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I only wear and aesthetically prefer leather straps for watches.

While I don't try to match the leather color or metal color to anything, I prefer to wear darker straps with darker shoes, and lighter straps with lighter shoes.

About 5 or 10 years ago sourcing quality replacement leather straps became somewhat problematic, many now were garbage. I'd always purchased the once ubiquitous Hirsh brand, and could no longer find it in stores.

But I've found an English retailer that sells on-line, and have purchased from them. For any whom it might interest -
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