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Laundy or Dry Cleaning Dress Shirts

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Hey all,

I've finally built up a number of nice dress shirts. Going forward, is it best to dry clean the shirts or commercially launder them?

Here are some more specific questions/concerns.

I suspect that dry cleaning may be easier on the shirt, but of course, dry cleaning is more expensive than commercial laundry. That said, will dry cleaning a shirt allow the shirt to last longer and to not fade as quickly? If so, is it only a slight difference or a difference that is noticeable over the long term.

Basically, I don't mind paying for dry cleaning if it really helps. On the other hand, if the expense isn't worth the difference then maybe it is better to save the money and just replace the shirt a bit sooner.

Thanks for the help.
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I think there's general confusion over terms: many people refer to "Dry Cleaning" shirts when then take them to their local "Dry Cleaner". The reality of course is that when you take your shirts in they're actually laundering them ... usually harshly.
Beat me to it-that's correct. When you take your shirts to a cleaners, they are laundered and machine or body pressed.

Lately I've taken to doing it myself. I get better results but ironing 10 dress shirts leaves a lot to be desired.
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