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Laundy or Dry Cleaning Dress Shirts

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Hey all,

I've finally built up a number of nice dress shirts. Going forward, is it best to dry clean the shirts or commercially launder them?

Here are some more specific questions/concerns.

I suspect that dry cleaning may be easier on the shirt, but of course, dry cleaning is more expensive than commercial laundry. That said, will dry cleaning a shirt allow the shirt to last longer and to not fade as quickly? If so, is it only a slight difference or a difference that is noticeable over the long term.

Basically, I don't mind paying for dry cleaning if it really helps. On the other hand, if the expense isn't worth the difference then maybe it is better to save the money and just replace the shirt a bit sooner.

Thanks for the help.
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This seems like an appropriate thread for a question I've had for some time now. I launder and iron my own shirts. However, for some time now I've occasionally had a white dress shirt come out with a slightly dark spot on the point of the collar. This has happened on multiple shirts, and actually in more than one washing machine/dryer. The dark spot is often a bit difficult to remove, and sometimes I only lighten it by allowing it to soak in detergent before washing again and then it gradually wears off to the point that it isn't noticeable any longer. I've found recently that Shout gel works a little better.

That said, does anyone have an idea about what might be causing this or has anyone had the same experience? It has irritated the heck out of me for a while, especially if I only notice it after I've nearly finished the ironing and then have to just throw it back into the wash - then be irritated when I wear it later and still notice the slightly off color spot on the collar point.
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- Ack001

Just a guess - could you be burning the collar point with the iron?
I don't believe that the iron is the problem. I've noticed it as the shirts are finished washing/drying. It's just that on occasion I don't notice then and have finished or nearly finished ironing before I recognize it. I typically wash in cold water and on a gentle cycle and only dry on the lowest heat setting for a very short time. There are some small holes in the washer and dryer that I've decided the points could be going into and maybe geting slightly discolored - that's the only thing I've been able to come up with.
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