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Late afternoon birthday party - Seersucker and such ...

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Over the 4th of July weekend I will be attending a birthday party for a family member at a local FL restaurant. The party is due to start at 6:00 pm. I am planning on wearing a Blue Seersucker Jacket, Navy Chinos, White OCBD (either PPBD or other), probably repp tie and White Back shoes. Too much? Too late for that rig?
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I guess my real question was, and I sure didn't make it clear, is the Seersucker jacket ok after 6:00 pm? I assumed in FL is was going to be ok.
I had always thought of seersucker as primarily a daytime fabric, and have avoided wearing it to evening events for that reason. That being said, (1) I think you get more leeway with a jacket than a suit, (2) 6:00, although technically "evening" is, of course, broad daylight in the summer in Florida, and (3) there's nothing incompatible between the setting and seersucker.

All in all, I wouldn't classify this as an etiquette issue. In the days and places when dinner meant dinner jackets, I suppose it would have been, but these are not those days nor places. But I do think, as a practical matter, that seersucker looks better in daylight than at night. But in the sort of setting Oldsport describes, it's likely to work just fine and fit the occasion well.
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