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Late afternoon birthday party - Seersucker and such ...

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Over the 4th of July weekend I will be attending a birthday party for a family member at a local FL restaurant. The party is due to start at 6:00 pm. I am planning on wearing a Blue Seersucker Jacket, Navy Chinos, White OCBD (either PPBD or other), probably repp tie and White Back shoes. Too much? Too late for that rig?
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Too much?
I don't think so.

Too late for that rig?
No, not on the 4th of July.

Local restaurant. Italian.
Eat carefully.
Before telling Oldsport that I didn't think his proposed rig would be "too much," I thought about asking him what the other guests would probably be wearing. Then I said to myself: "Ah, forget it. It's not a job interview where his career is on the line. It's a family birthday party. Nobody will be judging his choice of clothing--and if anyone does do that, so what? Let Oldsport be a role model. Then some family members, years from now, might say, 'Yeah, Uncle Oldsport. Always a dapper dresser, that one. I learned a lot about clothes from watching him.'"

Birthday party on July 4th at 6 p.m. for a relative? Don't overthink the clothes. Just have a good time.
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They all know how I dress and would likely be upset if I didn't dress appropriately.
I had a hunch that was the case. Be yourself.
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My intent is not to nitpick or throw out cheap barbs.
Good! Less competition for those of us who have the correct attitude.

(And if you do decide to throw out a cheap Barb, let me know--I'll take her.)
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