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Lands End ordering online

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Hi - new member here. Does anyone order from Lands End anymore? I haven't in years but did just lately. Two garments came in with no tags but in a plastic bag. Does Lands End clothing have no clothing tags anymore? I was going to give one as a gift, but not having a tag on it makes it look, uh, not new? What gives? I'vve never bought new garments that have no "new tags" on them.
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Yes,, precisely my concern, though Lands End, after phoning them, assures me *some* of their products come without tags. Still, I've never heard of this practice. Although I suspect companies could "re-tag" returned items very easily, as well, as I think about it.
Perhaps some do, but I had a student do a case study on Victoria's Secret for a proposal [she worked there as well], and she discoverd VS throws out all returns. She then made her proposal and investigated why the store couldn't even donate the returns to women's shelters but was usheredf away from that conversation, and I don't think she found anything deeper in her proposal information though she probably should have].

All that said, I assumed returns went--via auction, etc--to the likes of TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Gabriel Bros. and the like in lot purchases. Still doesn't answer why LE wouldn't even put tags on to begin with...
Urk! {lassos the thread back...}

Guess I'm still having issues as to how sending out items in a plastic bag, which doesn't seem sustainable, even, so that argument's out, is better than simply appending a tag to the clothing? Really a bizarre business practice that seems to encourage returns, but perhaps that's what LE is going for. I wonder if their peer companies--LL BEan, Gap, Crew--are doing something similar.
Hmmm so that really kind of makes me feel my orders were returns/returned/possibly worn?

Thanks for letting me know...
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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