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Lands End Fall Catalogue: Signs of things to come?

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I got the new Lands End Fall Men's Catalogue today. In browsing through it, three items leaped out at me:

In the catalogue, they advertise the fact that the fabric comes from a British source that has been producing it since 1666. The windowpane pattern which is shown in the catalogue seems to me to be an uber-Anglo style.

Ok, it's wrinkle resistant, which a lot of traditionalists don't like, but Lands End is offering a 3 piece option.

Again, the brown spice option is a bit odd, but they are also offering a full canvas suit. The way the website presents it, it makes it seem like the coat is made of canvas, but in the catalogue, it says "This, our finest suit, has full canvas construction- tailoring that usually reserved for suits starting at $1500."

So, this got me thinking. Many members of this site lament the fact that so few men bother to dress up in suits and ties. As that number gets smaller and smaller, won't companies that make suits be forced to cater more and more to people like us? Meaning, won't they be forced to offer things like 3 piece options and full canvas construction? If Lands End is doing it, there must be a rise in the demand for it.

Any thoughts?
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Why are you buying clothes from Sears?
Are you paying for his clothes?

If you are, then certainly you have room to question. If not...
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