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This may be a bit long, but here goes:

I have been a long time customer of Lands End and have even sought advise on this forum and on another (I forget the name and my real computer is in the shop) style forum. I have noticed the quality of shirts and other items getting lesser than what they were...I have been a very good customer of theirs for the past 20+ years, probably closer to 30, and I have taken advantage of LE's custom service to get both chinos and cords. I have found this mostly frustrating as it takes getting about 5 pair in for the one that fits, so reorders are something that occur frequently. I have had a problem most recently with the cords, got my first pair and they were great, reorded from that pattern and the next two pair were too big, returned and reorded, returned and reordered again and again. Then I find out that LE somehow mixed up the pair that fit well and deleted it from my account and I was reordering from a pair that were not right...OK, try again, get in two pair, one fits pretty well, the other is huge, waist is ok, mostly ok that is but the thighs and seat are at least 2 inches bigger than the other pair. I send them back and reorder. On the advise of a forum member I get in touch with LE again (probably should have just cut my losses at this point). Today I get the following letter:

"Dear Mr.....

I have received word from several of our customer sales and service representatives that you have expressed concerns about the service you've been receiving at Land's End. Our representatives report that they were repeatedly unable to resolve the issues you raised and/or that many of the products you ordered from us did not meet your specifications.

Since our efforts to help you find styles or sizes you wished to keep, and our services have not met your expectations, we have concluded that-for whatever reason-we seem to be unable to serve you to your satisfaction. Rather than continue to disappoint you, we think it best that we simply part ways. As a result, we have removed your name from our mailing list and will no longer accept your orders"

So it would seem that LE does not want to be a better shop, does not want to deal with the issues of their custom clothing (I cannot be the only one that has had problems here), but would rather just not sell me anything. That's ok, I have a box ready to go back to them now and I will work on another, they will probably have to credit me around $2,000 when all is said and done, but if this is how they want to do business, so be it. I can get nicer chino's at BR anyday and I don't need them to be custom made, so now that I have found these I think it time to clean out my closet.

Just a note to anyone thinking of returning anything to LE, or at least to trying to make them aware of any problems they may have satisfying a customer.

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