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Hi, This Sunday there is a Fair in the Rembrandt Hotel in Londons Knightsbridge (free entry). It is a wedding fair and although largely catering to women we are having a stand in there. A few people I know can find it intimidating to walk straight into a tailors shop/showroom and are fearful of the pressure they may be put under to make an order. So thought this might serve also as a good oportunity for people to be able to see our suits/shirts etc and speak to us with out the 'intimidation' of booking an appointment or walking into a showroom. So if you are around and interested, swing by and join us for a beer.
No registration for the event is needed, its on a turn up basis and just walk in.

I know Andy has muted the idea in the past as to a London meeting for the AAAC users but wonder whether there is a demand for an informal/off the cuff one sometime in the not to distant future?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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