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Sorry no pictures, but I found this to be a pretty good sale.
It's at the Soiffer Haskin facility,, 317 West 33rd St. near Penn Station.
No lines on Monday - the long lines are for women's labels that the upper-middle buyer knows; apparently Kiton
is so exotic that women didn't send their men.
Good depth of stock , especially in rather-large sizes - I'm at the very top of normal sizes (48 Long) and it
wasn't as great there, but I bought stuff.
Prices are generally 80% off Full Original Retail. Examples
Lot of dress shoes and very-casual shoes, sizes about 7.5 M to 13 M, net $400 - $600.
Dress shirts in 15.5 to 19 ASL (Euro 41 -48). Button cuffs, about $150 net. Nice selection of "As Is" - very
few As-Is were damaged: rather, some were Custom-didnt-pickup, like 17.5 Neck with 38 sleeve. Others
were simply samples with FRENCH cuffs, I picked up 2 in 18-36 with medium-full cut at $75 each !
Small number of ties, but pretty nice, at about $50 net.
Lot of suits, again a lot from Euro 54-62 (U.S.A. 42-50), simple fabrics, a bit of a slim Napoli cut, prices not
cheap, 75% off so net about $1500-$2000. Fewer sportcoats.
Outerwear (short) a few amazing cashmeres and suedes, good value at around $1000-$1500 net.
Some gorgeous overcoats for $1500-$2000 but they were cut tight and short for my taste.
Passable collection of women' skirts etc., summer fabrics, 80% off high prices, mostly sizes 6-10.
Moderate selection of men's sweaters, pricy at around $400. Mostly U.S. sizes S-XL, not bigger.
Decent selection of narrow-cut dress pants, $250 net, up to size "62" (really about a 44 or 42 U.S.).
Men's sunglasses, not my thing, didn't ask the price.
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