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When I was young(er), and just getting into the world of high fashion, I remember certain people telling me that I was "just paying for the name" when I bought expensive designer items...sometimes they were right...but most of the time the quality and the prestige has always been that much more, that to me it, was worth it...that being said...The other day, I purchased a pocket square at Louis Vuitton, I didnt really inspect it that closely in the store...the material felt thick (not as nice as Hermes, but nice enough to go with a nice summer weight coat), and the design was plain, but aggreeable (polkadots with every so many dots being replaced with the LV flower). The next day, I went to fold it and put it in the pocket of a white Linen coat I planned to wear...when I noticed...the edges werent hand rolled!!! have bought pocket squares for nearly 1/10 the price and even they have included this detail...this really seemed like such a minor league thing for a high ticket company like Louis Vuitton to be doing...I know some wouldnt be bothered by such a detail...but when I buy a "handkerchief" with a three figure price tag, I'd kind of like a little bit more consideration taken in the manufacturing of it...I guess this was just one of those instances in which I paid for the name....aaah well...that's what I get for not getting one at Hermes instead...

"Did you know you're wearing a striped shirt with a striped tie?"

"Yeah, I do it for the ladies..."

"Oh yeah??? Well do the ladies ever tell you that you look like an optical illusion???"
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