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Just got some neckties from

8162 Views 13 Replies 10 Participants Last post by  lovemeparis has a fantastic slection of very well made neckties using quality silk for incrediblely low prices!

I got three red neckties, two patterned and one striped. This is the striped one:

And, are you ready, it was only $39.90 (and it's one of the more expensive neckties at !! I also got these cuff links:

They're great looking and were only $19.95
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Men's Fashion Blog

I've found this blog about Men's Style Trend very interesting.

Caring for Dress Shoes in Cold and Wet Weather:

With fall and winter just around the corner, the days are not only getting shorter and colder, but in many places of the country this time of the year will also bring more rain and even snow. This type of weather requires certain care for your dress shoes. Below are a few basic tips you should follow before stepping out onto the wet roads. Following these tips will not only keep your feet dry, but will also protect your expensive footwear.

How I Learned to Tie a Tie:

It wasn't until I was 16 or so, that I actually learned how to tie a tie. It was for my first job at the neighborhood movie theater, and the uniform required a black necktie. So, like many, many other young men around the country, I went to my dad and he showed me. I suppose that's something of a tradition; a rite of passage, a passing of the torch, etc., for men. Anyway, he showed me, and I went away secure

Click on link to read more:
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