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Hey all,

I just commissioned a MTM sport coat at Richard Bennett in Chicago.

It is a nice little shop towards the south of the loop. They make everything in shop, which I was happy about. They took all the normal measurements plus a few extra to measure my shoulder angles.

The fabric is a decent navy fabric with tiny burgundy and blue checks. To go with it, I chose a burgundy bemberg lining. I didn't spring for the functioning button holes though, because they charged $75 for that option.

Including a minor upcharge for a enlarged armhole, the cost was $895 for the sport coat. The fabric is normally $1,350 but they have bought a bunch at an overstock sale so I could get this fabric at the price they charge for their more entry line prices. For the life of me though, I can't remember the company. It isn't one of the main English companies (like H & S or Scabal), but I believe the fabric was from a mid-tier English company.

They also offers a full custom option, but with my fabric it would have cost around $1,400. I'm trying to get away with paying less for this sportcoat than I pay on my suits, so I'm only trying their MTM this time around.

I'll have my first fitting in four weeks, so I'll let you all know more as I go through the process.
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