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July purchases

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July 1.

Sitting in a rocker on the porch in moonlight, cell in hand, pressing a button or two, parting with a twenty plus a fiver for shipping. the screen talks back, says watch out for Lori the mail lady who'll jam these into the rusty mailbox with a real bad lean...


...Chuck Taylors in celadon suede. Their brothers stacked well in black boxes in the corner they own, jealous, await their arrival.
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July 10

Last post in this series as I'm having way too much difficulty resizing and posting photographs without a true internet connection. Squinting into this cell has got me weary. The resuscitation of the jacket will continue, but not the documentation of it. The final picture, below, sizes okay on mobile, but was configured on a lap top at a hot spot where it came out Times Sq. billboard size. Oh well.

This right shoulder, last seen with sleeve off. Is near completion. It's been cut back one-half inch, de-padded, sloped and roped with the sleeve now back on. It came out well and I am pleased. The slightly wavy joint is because it has not yet been shaped with an iron and is only basted in that area. Again, sorry about the size if you're viewing this at home and will figure out how to put up a final pic of the finished piece, with me in it, in a week or two. This is the first time I've attempted base ball posting, and by that is meant that after day is done, turning on the radio to a Marlins game (Yankees if it's a Florida travel day), hauling out buttons and buckles and cotton and wool. thread, a single needle, pieces of something second-hand and remaking it all to fit and befit the Lord of the Pinery while yelling at Derek Jeter for buying and ruining the Marlins. But alas, no baseball, or rather, no f'ing baseball. However, I'll master proper picture posting (which is every bit as important as the duds themselvrs, no selfies in a tooth paste splattered mirror here) on another day, download the Fenice font, which is what Polo Ralph Lauren uses, take a well-composed and powerful looking pic of me in me resusitated Harris, plant the word PEAK in Fenice acoss it, post it (probably in the Polo thread for it will look as good as any thing there and the model won't be 16 years old with a Connecticut face) and hope all the folks who frequent the ever popular Pizza thread (and beef, desert, guns, and breakfast as well, none of which I've ever clicked on because I'm here for what I'm supposed to be Asking Andy About and it ain't pepperoni) will take a peek at the Peak manifestation and maybe say something, say something awful, don't care, but ten days in, twelve posts and as many pics (accompanied often by grinable text if I do say so) and only Eagle (and thank you, Big Bird) has typed a comment tho someone bothered to divert this with a vid of a loveable, fat old Granddaddy who knits stuff from, o never mind. Below, the last pic I could manage, should look okay on mobile, but like you were three feet in front of a Drive In movie screen if on PC.


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Sorry to hear about your photo trouble. They look fine on my laptop.

I'm utterly fascinated by this, so I look forward to the final result. My own comfort level when it comes to jacket alterations is swapping buttons, so this is far beyond that.

I might actually try my luck at shortening a sleeve (well, both obviously) after this...
Thought I would add some J. Crew to my closet. A beautiful blue POW Plaid will be my next Doctor visit outfit. with a Chipp Navy grenadine.
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Well, Peak, I think your photoessay has been fascinating and I thank you very much for sharing it. I’ve enjoyed following your progress.

By the way, how did you learn to do all this advanced-level tailoring? Did someone teach you? Did you teach yourself by dissecting thrift-store garments, analyzing how they were put together, and then plunging ahead through trial and error?

Some people are all thumbs, while others have a knack for making and repairing things by noodling their way through the project. No formal lessons, no books—they know how to figure things out by themselves. I have an uncle with that talent. He can fix almost anything. And he taught himself how to build luxury log cabins and made a pretty good living at it. He figures it out. He just does. Are you such a person?
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