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July purchases

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July 1.

Sitting in a rocker on the porch in moonlight, cell in hand, pressing a button or two, parting with a twenty plus a fiver for shipping. the screen talks back, says watch out for Lori the mail lady who'll jam these into the rusty mailbox with a real bad lean...


...Chuck Taylors in celadon suede. Their brothers stacked well in black boxes in the corner they own, jealous, await their arrival.
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Looks like an interesting project @Peak and Pine

I saw a charming video on YouTube recently of a gentleman who scours thrift stores for wool and cashmere sweaters to pick them apart and uses the resulting yarn for his knitting projects. I wonder if he does the same with tweeds and jackets.

It is interesting to note under what circumstances 'Real Men' will get into knitting. I can't say it's for me, but, during the years I was pulling alert tours in a Minuteman II Missile Wing, I would guess that perhaps as many as 30% of the launch crews, who had finished their master's degrees, would take up knitting and/or crocheting to while away all those hours. I have to say they turned out some really professional work/projects! ;)
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July 7.

The side seams have now been ripped and resewn as mentioned would be done, using a chart containing measurements from a good fitting tweed bought years ago. Basted only. Much cloth lost directly beneath arms, 2 1/2 inches each, then tapering to waist where 1 3/4" is lost and straight down from there.

Misspoke earlier saying the arms were off for shoulder narrowing. They're not. Yet. Though the arm pit has been freed in order to take in the large amount mentioned. This ups the arm hole considerably. Am still toying with whether or not to reduce the shoulders (19" current, but appear wider). Reduce or not, they will be rebuilt.

Take a stare at what's below and I'll point out what's happening after.

View attachment 46507

When I mentioned I added two buttons above the existing two you may have expected the jacket to close at about the tie knot. Notice it doesn't, because the existing buttoning points (okay, stance) were exceeding low. Note the lapel reduction, into something resembling 1900, and that the Armani-esque gorge gets less notice because of it. The lapel points in pic are pinned, but will be tacked when finished. The top button is out of line and will be moved. The wasp waist (which stays) is made more so by the broad shoulders (which I've decided just now looking at this pic with you, won't stay. Arms off!).

A better pic of the back, with the arm pits open and the belt roughly pinned in place. At the cuff of the left sleeve a trial gauntlet is pinned in place.

View attachment 46511
You, my friend,are a very talented tailoring enthusiast...or may I say, almost a tailor! Well done, Sir. ;)
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