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Hello, gents. Here's the disclaimer first: I used to sell Joseph Abboud for Men's Wearhouse, but no longer have any association with the brand.

I was browsing a few days ago, and went to (the flagship store). They're offering 30% off everything currently, including clearance.
Upon further investigation, there are a TON of (US made, Italian milled fabrics) clearance trousers (flannels, corduroys, wool, cotton, and linen) all going for $20-30 each.
There are other very reasonable prices on clearance dress and sport shirts ($14 and up, mostly patterned), vests ($70 and up), sportcoats (>=$130), and a few suits (>=$200); all but the shirts are US made.

Since they offer free returns and exchanges, I grabbed a suit, a sportcoat, and a half a dozen trousers to try out and see what might work with some tailoring.
For reference, the "Modern" fit is very middle of the road, slightly on the traditional side, despite the name; the "Slim" fit has a much trimmer pant.
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