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While I certainly want my overcoat to fit properly, I will admit to not being quite the stickler on this as I am with suit coats and sport coats. The primary purpose of my overcoat is to keep me warm and if I can accomplish that with less money I won't hesitate to do so.

Having said that, if the cheaper coat is made of poor quality material it probably won't last very long if worn frequently and you aren't really saving money. That's why I think that there is a point of diminishing returns as far as the coat doing what it is supposed to do while still looking good.

I have a London Fog overcoat which is probably comparable to the JAB coat and it has been a really good coat. It keeps me warm and still looks good after several years of wear, both with suits and with jeans. No doubt a Brooks Brothers coat would be of higher quality and I can't say that I wouldn't have bought the BB coat if I had had the disposable income lying around at the time, but I didn't and the London Fog has done an admirable job for me.

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