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I have some JM oxfords in black (Melton) in size 6. They're the smallest shoe I've been able to find that I'm not embarrassed to wear. Still, they're uninspired and lack elegance. Does anyone have any suggestions about where I can find small readymade shoes that are a little more fashionable?

I asked this question in a different way a few days earlier and was ignored. Surely you all can do better than that...
I'm not attempting to be humorous or offensive in any way, and I suspect you've already considered it, but . . . My wife also has very small feet and has been known to find sneakers among the girls offerings. I have no idea whether there is the same sort of overlap between boys and men's sizes, nor do I know if any suitable shoes might be produced in Boys styles. If so, perhaps Brooks might have something. Beyond that, I can think of nothing else in RTW.

I know if I were in your situation, I wouldn't hesitate to consider this option.
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