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I was recently in London and took a delightful walk down Jermyn Street. The stress of the economic times was apparent in the many "sale" signs and the eagerness of the sales staff in most stores. New & Lingwood is a pleasure, as always. Hilditch & Key, I'm sorry to say, was a disaster. The larger store was in disarray, and the staff there were entirely unhelpful and dour. The smaller store off the arcade was much better staffed, and the staff were more helpful, though the disarray persisted.

Cleverley, a few blocks over, remains as charming as ever, and their ready-made shoes are very nice and reasonable (at least as compared to the hand-made!). Crocket and Jones also has a great selection of shoes these days, including a modern toe that is very attractive.

Hope everyone enjoys the holidays!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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