Jermyn Street is to shirting what Saville Row is to suiting: among the finest in the world. Jermyn Street Guild builds on 150 years of tradition to offer classic, superior shirting at reasonable prices.
The brand is the brainchild of David Austen, a 20-year veteran of the shirtmaking business. He started in the 1990s selling Jermyn Street shirting in to the Australian market.
Troubled by a decline in quality among traditional British companies, he broke out on his own to offer Australian consumers a better product at better price.
Having built a following Down Under, he's ready to take on American market.
Let's examine this brand through the lens of Quality, Fit, Style, and Value.

A well-made product is most important to Jermyn Street Guild.
In David's mind, too many mass-market shirtmakers ignore quality in pursuit of profit. This strategy keeps prices low, but ultimately results in subpar shirting.
To combat this problem, JSG controls their own supply chain. They intimately understand cloth selection and are responsible for quality control.
Poplin and twill, in American-grown long staple cotton, form the backbone of the Jermyn shirting lineup.
Their shirting uses single-needle stitching with French seams and the best in Swiss interlining.
They are uncompromising in their effort to provide the best to their customers.

Fit is another key component in which JSB excels.
Many of today's "fast fashion" brands cut shirts simply too tight. They're uncomfortable and restrict movement.
But, many of the lumbering standbys cut shirts far too full. The excess fabric billows around the midsection, resulting in a shapeless torso and an unflattering silhouette.
Jermyn Street Guild offers four different cuts to accommodate a range of gentlemen. They range from "Regular" to "Super Slim" to ensure the best possible fit for an off-the rack shirt. For additional information, you can check out their Size Guide page for measurements.
The company also offers a made-to-measure option to accommodate those fall outside the traditional sizing.
In this capacity, they can offer AAAC members:
  • Adjusting the collar one size up or down from a standard shirt.
  • Moving the waist one size up or down.
  • Lengthening or shorting the shirt tail to accommodate taller or shorter men.
While the company cannot offer fully bespoke options, they can create a unique shirt for you within some of their existing patterns.
If, for example, a customer wanted a standard shirt with a unique, one-piece "Cooper" collar like the shirt below, JSG could create it at no additional charge.

David addressed this over on our forum, but the way to go about such a specific request would to be to send a shirt sample with the Cooper collar. JSG would make adjustments within an existing pattern to give the customer exactly what they're looking for.
Of course, they'll send your shirt sample back!

Many of today's fast-fashion brands offer shirts in eccentric patterns and flamboyant colors. These may look good in the moment, but won't stand the test of time.
The brand keeps a classic styling aesthetic. Their shirts come in a variety of colors, from a basic and versatile sky blue to a bolder, but tasteful, red with white stripes. Lavenders, pinks, and other pastel hues are also beautifully done.
Jermyn Street Guild Website

The website is really just a guide, however. There's so much more to offer!
Not only can you get a well-fitting off-the-rack shirt, but JSG's made-to-measure program can dial in details like a custom collar and cuffs.

Finally, value is another hallmark of Jermyn Street Guild.
Fast-fashion brands may offer a cheap shirt, but money is quickly wasted if the shirt doesn't last more than a season or two.
Because they are able to cut through middlemen, Jermyn Street Guild is able to offer the consumer their shirts at around 20% less than the recommended retail price. They are also able to offer multi-buys to get you down to half the recommended retail price.
There are a good number of shirtmakers out there offering the consumer better value. However, few have the ability to control the supply chain the way JSG does.

Jermyn Street Guild's Commitment
The company is committed, first and foremost, to a positive customer experience. Their goal is to deliver the best product at the best price.
They offer a 30-day fit guarantee, and stand behind their product.
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